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Then swear on your blog! Can you imagine if Mark tried to be some straight-laced personal help blogger? It had such an impact on me because I immediately knew that I was guilty. Now, I try to speak with readers, not at them. If you want people to engage with your blog, you should do the same.

Blogging Tips #50: Setting Goals for Your Blog

But as your blog ages, two things start happening:. When that starts happening, it helps to have a plan. Your editorial calendar is basically your entire content plan, from topic ideation all the way through to promotion. Otherwise, CoSchedule is one of the most popular editorial calendar services. No one likes doing maintenance. Well, while it might not do any of those things, maintenance prevents everything you built from crashing down around you…. Just recently, hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites were hacked as a result of a vulnerability that was actually patched before it was discovered by hackers.

A little of routine maintenance now will prevent big problems from happening later. Tomasz Tunguz found that recirculating old content still garnered significant engagement numbers. While the numbers were never as large as when first shared, the reshared content still got enough interaction to make it worthwhile:. Charts by Visualizer.

Thankfully, you can put this whole process on autopilot with Revive Old Post one of our tools. I might catch some flak for this one. Both those things mean worse performance and more chances for things to break. If you want some more specific advice, we have posts on how to choose a WordPress theme as well as whether you should go with a free or premium theme. This is one of my favorite strategies because it helps you both come up with topics and keywords in one fell swoop.

ProBlogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging

Copyblogger has a great resource on how to write headlines that work. And you can also get some more data-focused insights like:.

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You can even use a plugin like Title Experiments to test multiple headlines against one another and find out which performs the best. Then, as you start to get a little bit of traffic, someone actually uses your form and sends you a message.

Over 50+ Networks to Join For Paid Blogging Opportunities + Tips For Monetization

Then your blog keeps growing and suddenly you find yourself inundated with a deluge of messages, many of which ask the same thing. But guess what? I switched contact form plugins on my site and, soon after, started noticing a drop in messages this was my portfolio site — so the messages were important. Naturally, my first instinct was to check for a problem with my contact form plugin.

Eh, not quite. There was a problem, but it was a caching issue. Because I tested my form plugin via my admin account which was excluded from seeing cached pages , I never ran into the issue in my testing.

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That is, at least use incognito mode. Wasting your effort because of non-working pages sucks…but a little bit of testing can prevent that from happening. As YouTube demonstrates, though, angry comments are just a fact of putting yourself out there on the Internet. You need to develop thick skin. Most of the time, these comments are just angry people hiding behind anonymity. Occasionally, you will get a comment with a legitimate gripe that you should address.

But the vast majority of the time? Angry comments go in one ear and out the other.

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Blog: 50 Valuable Tips and Tricks | StyleCaster

Staring at analytics is almost as addicting as your Facebook news feed. And when you start to see your numbers consistently grow, it gets even be more addicting. Yes — looking at analytics data over time is helpful.

senrei-exorcism.com/images/wife/mobile-phone-locate-app-honor-9x.php But do you really need to know if you had or visitors today? Does any of that data actually do anything for you in the moment? I encourage you to set strict limits to avoid wasting time. You really do have a lot more important things to do when starting a blog. Hosting is something that we take very seriously here at CodeinWP. This changed dramatically one beautiful day when I discovered that there had been a whole spam forum running on my server … and for who knows how long at that point.

The way I discovered was also kind of funny. So as it turned out, the email was sent to a random email address sitting on my main domain name — newinternetorder. And since I had a catch-all feature set there for email, it got redirected to my actual email. I started looking around, and lo and behold, I found this:. Long story short; this was the day I learned the value of reliable and high quality hosting.

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  • This sort of infection happens at server level. Please, do yourself a favor. Work only with reputable hosting companies from day one when starting a blog. Bluehost is good. SiteGround as well. Or WP Engine if you want to spend some more.

    Successful Blogs: The Guidelines

    As much as I would love for this not to be the case, not everything we publish remains evergreen indefinitely. Regardless of your niche, there are always new developments, new ideas, new things to write about, and also new things that relate back to your older content. The simple fact is that no one can predict the future. The goal of a content audit is simple: check which of your posts are still relevant, which need updating, which can be removed entirely, which can be consolidated.

    This is something that Pat Flynn talked about in one of his podcast episodes featuring Todd Tresidder. In it, Todd actually shared how deleting a third of his content tripled his traffic, believe it or not. Start by compiling a spreadsheet featuring all your posts URLs are enough. Divide that spreadsheet into three sections:. Once you have those, you can begin working on them, in this order: start by deleting content, then consolidating, then improving. Doing an audit like this and reviving your past content is only proof that you care about what people see when they come to your website and begin consuming a random piece of your content.

    How often to do the full audit? Probably once a year. Let me show you something; this is one of our list posts on this blog — featuring some cool WordPress themes. This is an extreme example.