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As we fight the battle against invisible forces of darkness, we have unlimited resources at our disposal. We need to call for them. A Christian soldier without prayer is cut off from the supply lines. I challenge you to pray. Not only should we pray as individuals, we need to pray as a church. I invite you to return tonight when we will put this text into practice.

We are going to spend some time in prayer tonight as a body of believers. Upload sermon. Prayer Battlefield Communication. Kelly Randolph. Sermon Tone Analysis. Battlefield Prayer Ephesians Until we know that life is war, we cannot know what prayer is for. A Serious Call to Battlefield Prayer v. Prayer connected to spiritual warfare.

Key elements in battlefield prayer. We are to be persistent and endure in prayer. Soldiers are not to give up or fall asleep at their post. We are to pray on their behalf. All prayer and petition means all kinds of specific and urgent requests are to be carried to God in prayer as we do battle. These requests are going to be as varied and numerous as the needs and struggles of battle. All times means there is never a season in the life of the Christian soldier when prayer should fall silent. Whether it is prayers of praise for victory in a skirmish or prayers for help when the battle is turned heavy against us, we must pray always.

All perseverance means that we must never become discouraged in prayer. All the saints means that we must continually keep the needs of other believers on our hearts and lips.

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We must not allow prayer to turn inward and selfish. We continually carry others burdens in prayer. Note… II. A Specific Cause in Battlefield Prayer vv. Boldness in gospel proclamation. Paul asks the Ephesians to pray specifically for him. We should pray for… Clarity in our words to present the message of the gospel in a clear and understandable way. We want it to be clear and complete. Courage to speak those words courageously in the face of opposition. Related Media. Related Sermons. I cry to You, O Lord.

I say You are my refuge.


You are my portion in the land of the living. Rescue me from those who pursue me. Set me free from my prison that I may praise Your name. Then righteousness will gather about me because of Your goodness to me. God, I ask You to help my spouse and me to remain physically and emotionally faithful to each other during our time of separation. You established marriage when You recognized that loneliness is never a good thing and that people need compatible intimate relationships.

Help me to always remember that You provided my spouse as my compatible partner to help me through life, especially during hard times, such as deployments. God, because You designed marriage to be a joyous, intimate, and life-long bonding experience, help us to always remember that we are no longer two individuals, but one flesh. Therefore, remind us that when one spouse does something to hurt the other that what we are really doing is hurting ourselves.

God, help my spouse and me to submit to each other's needs even during our time of separation. I ask that Your Holy Spirit spark our imaginations as to how to keep the marriage kindled while at the same time reducing our physical and emotional loneliness.

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Help us to continually show each other love and respect during this trying and difficult time. God, help us to keep our relationship pure and blessed by remaining faithful to each other.

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Let us not deal treacherously with each other by committing adultery, which is a violation of Your Word. Help us to honor our marriage by keeping our bed undefiled. Help us not commit emotional adultery by lusting after other people, for the lust of the flesh is the seed of physical adultery.

Help us not give into the works of the flesh by committing adultery, especially, during this vulnerable time of separation. God, You put my marriage together; therefore, let no one tear it apart. Please help me to use discretion when dealing with the opposite sex.

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Please keep me away from immoral people who do not respect my marriage and try to seduce me with flirtatious words because I know the path of adultery could destroy my marriage or change it forever. Help me to remain on the righteous path and blameless during this time of separation.

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