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Personal and Family Finance

Our approach. Our value for banks. Babies are expensive and so are kids. Once you have kids, then you need to start setting aside money for college, such as a college savings plan. And, to help them get ahead later in life, you can do with things like treasury bonds and trust funds. You also want to start introducing your kids to finance as early as possible. By keeping your kids out of all household money talks, they never learn —neither the value of a dollar, nor how to manage those dollars to be successful.

The information above just provides some basic guidelines you can use to get started on the right path in the world of family finance. The following pages go into more detail about specific topics that offer unique challenges when it comes to money management for your household.

Family Finances

What Babies Really Cost. Getting Your Finances in Order. Pregnant and Uninsured. Your Finances: 12 Ways to Prepare for Pregnancy. Financial Help for Single Moms. Grants and Scholarships for Single Moms.

Savvy Saving Tips. Budget-Friendly Grocery Tips. Setting Up a Family Budget.