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Research in psychology teaches us that we tend to remember best what we hear first and last rather than what comes in the middle — aka primacy and recency effects. You would expect then that speakers would dedicate more time to how they conclude their talks and meetings. Take time to plan out and practice how your presentation and meeting will end.

Once you signal you are wrapping up e.

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In college, I was trained for a full academic quarter to be a tour guide of my campus. During my very regimented training, they impressed upon me that above all else good tour guides never lose their tour groups. The very same standard exists for presenters and meeting facilitators. Never lose your audience because if you do, they will likely go to their phones or their friends or to sleep. It is in transition that your audience is most likely to get lost, distracted, or confused.

In any typical business communication, there are several potential transition points that must be bridged successfully:. These transitions can be statements e. Repeated use of hedging language reduces perceptions of your competence because it softens your assertiveness, reduces your clarity, and makes you seem wishy-washy and unsure of what you are saying. The best way to address hedging is via substitution.

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Find stronger, more powerful words to replace these less assertive ones. However, before you can substitute, you must first become aware of your hedging language. Thankfully, apps such as Orai, LikeSo, Ummo, Ambit, and VoiceVibes can provide useful, personalized feedback on your language use, along with pacing, pauses, variation, and tone. We all fear standing in front of a group in the middle of a high-stakes presentation and forgetting what to say next. Many people try to address this ubiquitous fear by memorizing their content.

Unfortunately, memorizing often increases the likelihood of blanking out. How do you escape this fate? Simply put: Avoid memorizing.

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This approach only increases the pressure you feel because you want to say things exactly the way you previously memorized. This pressure increases the likelihood that you will make a mistake due to the increase in cognitive load. Further, this added mental demand reduces the bandwidth you have to adjust and adapt to your audience. The key to not blanking out and remaining connected and engaging is to create a comprehensive outline that is based on a clearly structured presentation.

A structure provides a map for both you and your audience. First, take the time to thoughtfully apply an audience-centric structure. Second, document it in an outline format. At least three types of outlines can help you:. Finally, practice your presentation from your outline and allow yourself permission to vary how you speak your content; your wording need not be exactly the same each time.

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Outlines afford you the opportunity to adjust and adapt your content based on how you feel and how the audience responds. This flexibility reduces the likelihood of blanking out when compared to the more rigid memorizing approach. Skip to main content. The Experience Overview of Experience.

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See All Programs. All Topics. Subscribe Contact. This process gives mostly millionaire senators a voice in selecting the president. This guide will put in context what people are saying about the pressing issues of the week. Sign up for our new newsletter, Debatable. As these two processes unfold simultaneously, the contrast will be obvious.

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This is not what the country wants to talk about. Pelosi said she would not proceed with impeachment unless there was a bipartisan groundswell of support.

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According to a Quinnipiac University poll , only 37 percent of Americans support impeachment. The presidential candidates all report the same phenomenon. Voters are asking them about health care and jobs and climate change, not impeachment. I had conversations or encounters with hundreds of people. Only one even mentioned impeachment, a fellow journalist. There is a big difference between the conversation Twitter wants to have and the conversation the broader populace wants to have.

Trump has no policy agenda. So now over the next few months he gets to have a personality war against Nancy Pelosi and Jerrold Nadler. The Democrats are having a pretty exciting and substantive presidential primary season. This is what democracy is supposed to look like. Why they would want to distract from that is beyond reason.

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  7. Trump vs. Nadler is exactly the contrast Trump wants to elevate. This process will increase public cynicism. Impeachment would be an uplifting exercise if we had sober leaders who could put party affiliation aside and impartially weigh the evidence. It would be workable if Congress enjoyed broad public affection and legitimacy. This process is already devolving into the sort of mindless partisan war that causes Americans to be disgusted with Washington.

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    Democratic House members have already introduced impeachment articles against Trump on at least four occasions. This could embed Trumpism within the G. If Trump suffers a withering loss in a straight-up election campaign, then his populist tendency might shrink and mainstream Republicans might regain primacy. But the impeachment process reinforces the core Trumpist deep-state message: The liberal elites screw people like us.

    This could distort the Democratic primary process.