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Adult classes differ greatly from all other age categories. Although everyone in the group is taught the same kicks, punches, weapons and forms, they are taught in a manner that will best benefit the individual.

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At KumSung the adult programs are designed to fit your needs, interests and most importantly your health as an adult. Read More Primary Menu Skip to content.

JMAC Celebrates 13 Years of Martial Arts Training in Ann Arbor!

Search for:. He has trained literally thousands of students, including national champions, military forces in Europe and the United States and professional actors and stuntman.

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Once you make ATA workouts a part of your regular routine, you will find that mobility makes its way into other parts of your life, too. The secret to keep moving is the start moving! To be an effective martial artist, you must be strong and powerful. This is perfect, because ATA workouts are designed to improve these attributes in students!

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Whether you need to properly defend yourself or perform under pressure, your training will help you maximize your explosiveness. No matter what opponent, strength and power will always be to the advantage of the person who possesses it.

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Having improved flexibility allows for more mobility which also helps with injury prevention. Stretch yourself to new limits with ATA training!

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From an early age, ATA students begin seeing the benefits of increased coordination with their training. Martial artists work a lot of muscles in their training, and the heart is one that reaps many of the benefits! The cardiovascular workouts in ATA require a fitness level that will help lower blood pressure and improve your heart rate. Getting heart healthy has never been more fun!

The key to being a well-rounded martial artist is training your body and mind.