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The British Embassy is keeping the situation under review, but at present there are no reports of any specific risks to British nationals visiting these islands or at border crossing points. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by foreigners.

Cephalonia weather essentials

High profile British interests in Greece should be vigilant and regularly review their security measures. There have been several attacks involving explosives and automatic weapons against Greek institutions, shopping malls, banks, media offices, diplomatic premises and the police. You should be vigilant at this time. Find out more about the global threat from terrorism , how to minimise your risk and what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. The police will make arrests and the courts are likely to impose heavy fines or prison sentences on people who behave indecently.

Some fancy dress costumes may be regarded as offensive and therefore against decency laws. Possession of even small quantities can lead to a long prison sentence. Alcohol, drugs and use of nitrous oxide can make you less alert, less in control and less aware of your environment. The Greek authorities are clamping down on the sale of nitrous oxide as it is illegal to buy or sell for recreational use in Greece. You will be liable for arrest as well as a possible fine. You should also be aware of the health risks associated with its use.

Kefalonia island - A complete travel guide of Kefalonia in Greece

Failure to have such a certificate is punishable by a fine and or imprisonment. Always insist on a contract for employment and check offered accommodation beforehand. Always keep your passport safe and do not hand over to others for safekeeping. Make sure you get a receipt for any goods or services you buy. These items are listed as weapons in Greece and fall under the current weapon possession law.

You need to have a special licence from the local police authority to carry any weapon otherwise you might face arrest and legal charges. The same applies for knives; you need to have a special licence to carry any knife that is not made for domestic, professional, artistic or hunting use.

Same-sex sexual relations are legal in Greece and civil unions between same-sex couples have been legal since The age of consent of 15 is the same as for partners of the opposite sex. Transgender people are able to change their legal gender. Anti-discrimination and hate speech laws apply to gender identity. Public attitudes towards homosexuality vary throughout the country; public displays of affection by same-sex couples may be frowned upon, especially in rural areas.

Attitudes are generally much more welcoming in Athens and on many Greek islands, particularly on Lesvos, Mykonos and Skiathos, which are well known for their gay and lesbian scenes. See our information and advice page for the LGBT community before you travel. Men, aged 19 and above, born to a Greek national parent may have military service obligations, regardless of any other nationality they hold.


Authorities can prevent you leaving Greece until you complete military service obligations. You should also consider checking with your transport provider or travel company to make sure your passport and other travel documents meet their requirements. Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay; you do not need any additional period of validity on your passport beyond this.

If your adult passport was issued over 9 years ago, you may be affected.

You should use this tool to check your passport is still valid for your trip before booking travel. If you renewed your passport early, extra months would have been added to your new passport. Any extra months on an adult passport will not count towards the validity requirement, so some passport holders will need to have more than 6 months remaining in order to travel. You can check your passport here. If the UK leaves with a deal, travel to the EU will remain the same as now until at least 31 December You will not need to apply for a visa to travel or work in the EU during this time.

The European Commission has proposed that in a no deal situation, if you are a British Citizen, you would not need a visa for short stays in the Schengen area or elsewhere in the EU. You would be able to stay for up to 90 days in any day period. Visits to the Schengen area within the previous days before your date of travel will count against the day limit. If you are intending to stay in the Schengen area for longer than 90 days, or your stay would take you over the 90 days in the day limit, you may need to get a visa before you travel. Travel to EU countries currently outside the Schengen area Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus would not count towards the day total.

On arrival in the Schengen Area, you may be asked to confirm that you have sufficient funds available for the duration of your stay. As non-EEA nationals, different border control checks will apply, and you may also be asked to show a return or onward ticket. The day visa-free period does not entitle you to work in the Schengen area. Most countries will require a visa and work permit.

You should check with the Greek Embassy what type of visa, if any, you will need. According to Greek law, a visitor can bring up to 5 different prescribed medicines for personal use, with a maximum of 2 boxes of each medicine.

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Some prescribed and over-the-counter medicines available in the UK, including medication containing codeine, are considered controlled substances in Greece. On arrival, Greek Customs may in some cases require you to obtain permission from the Greek National Organisation of Medicines - if you need to carry more than the permitted number of boxes, for example. The National Organisation of Medicines examines these requests on a case by case basis. Each country-specific page has information on vaccine recommendations, any current health risks or outbreaks, and factsheets with information on staying healthy abroad.

General information on travel vaccinations and a travel health checklist is available on the NHS website.

Things to know before you travel to Kefalonia

The legal status and regulation of some medicines prescribed or purchased in the UK can be different in other countries. The EHIC entitles you to state provided medical treatment that may become necessary during your trip. Any treatment provided is on the same terms as Greek nationals. The NHS website and this travel advice will be updated with further information on travelling to Greece as the circumstances change. The existing EHIC arrangements are not an alternative to travel insurance, as some health-related costs, including for medical repatriation, ongoing medical treatment and non-urgent treatment, are not covered.

Read more about what your travel insurance should cover. There were more than cases of West Nile virus in Greece in Visit the National Travel Health Network and Centre website for more information about the transmission season and advice for travellers. Treatment and facilities are generally good on the mainland, but may be limited on the islands.

The standards of nursing and after care, particularly in the public health sector lag behind what is normally acceptable in the UK. The public ambulance service, which will normally respond to any accident, is basic. There are severe shortages of ambulances on some islands. While pharmacies across the country stock a good supply of medicines, you should make sure you have sufficient medical supplies including prescription medicines for the duration of your stay and any unforeseen delays, adequate travel insurance and accessible funds to cover the cost of any medical treatment and repatriation.

If you need emergency medical assistance during your trip, dial or and ask for an ambulance. By: Tripatricks: linking people to adventure.

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