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It should be noted that few tools are available on all platforms. You'll probably need to balance the features you want with the platforms you want supported.

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Discussed in many forms on this newsgroup, the simple answer is no, there is no silver bullet tool which can solve all configuration management problems by itself. Any good CM tool which provides version control is a great benefit over manually keeping copies of files in alternate directories. Including build management can provide tremendous increases in productivity. Some organizations will choose to use a tool which can provide some degree of process management.

The level of sophistication required will depend upon the complexity of the software being developed and the size and dynamics of the organization doing the development. Budget may dictate what tools can be considered. As always, local CM requirements should be determined before a CM tool investigation is undertaken.

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See also the answer to [1. This is a very controversial topic and many good discussions have been held in this newsgroup. Some frequently voiced ideas include: CM is a "Good Thing". CM is intended to help developers. Integrating CM into a development environment should be "evolutionary", and not "revolutionary". It takes time and iterations to do it right. Automation of a good CM process improves the likelyhood it will be followed and can improve productivity and quality.

Automation of a bad CM process can be worse than no automation. Chances for success may be improved if you first establish a process on which both the CM and development staff can agree. Consider the capabilities of the tool you will use and automate the process in a non-intrusive manner as much as possible. Process is very site specific.

This is a loaded question without an answer. The real answer to this question is Some sites select multiple tools to meet different project needs. Each was a "best" for that situation. Your source code's future depends on how well you manage its past. Your tool selection deserves a lot of thought.

It would be best to check the product literature and the other parts of this FAQ for possible solutions, then do your own evaluation. This is a special case of SCM and may be a bit outside the traditional scope of this newsgroup. Many posters have indicated they are using their CM tool of choice to manage versions of their Web sites. Refer to Part 2 of this FAQ for more information about these and other tools.

There are now some products available which address Web site issues specifically. These include products such as a Web-based management system, Intra.

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More comprehensive answers may be found on one of the comp. The consensus of the readers of this newsgroup is to permit short, tasteful, "jobs offered" postings which are identified as such in the subject line and which include the location of the job.

A preferred subject format would be: Headhunter firms are requested to group offers into a single or small number of posts and limit the frequency with which they post. It is preferred that "jobs wanted" postings be avoided in this newsgroup. This subject would take more room than is possible in the FAQ.

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The Lumenaza software platform makes it possible to connect all participants in the new energy world in a digital marketplace, to intelligently control them and to enable an exchange among each other. Now totally vanished, its description remains from past records and sketches. The Ancient Monuments record indicates it being a rectangular building about 40 feet by 22 feet within an enclosure around 40 yards square. The area being bounded by a field system indicating medieval cultivation. Joan Abbott Parry, the daughter of Manchester judge Edward Parry, tried to climb across the rocks to the well on 6 th September , a few days before her 16 th birthday.

All night long the women were there with their jars, chattering, laughing, or scolding in competition for their turns. While the current structure referred to as Mary's Well is a non-functional reconstruction inaugurated as part of the Nazareth celebrations, [6] the traditional Mary's Well was a local watering hole, with an overground stone structure.

Through the centuries, villagers would gather here to fill water pitchers up until or otherwise congregate to relax and exchange news. The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, located a little further up the hill from the current site of Mary's Well, is a Byzantine era church built over the spring in the 3rd century, based on the belief that the Annunciation took place at the site.

This basilic was erected after a first small church built at the request of Helen, mother of imperator Constantin 1th in the IVth century CE on the site where she found the source of Mary's Well and is also named the Mary's Well. Today this source is located in the basement of the Annonciation basilic.

Excavations shown that it is fed by the same source that the well close to the orthodox church, and probably existed at least since the IId century CE. Despite having found Roman era potsherds, Alexandre's report claimed hard evidence of Roman-era use of the site was lacking. Samples were collected for radio-carbon dating and the initial data from GPR readings seem to confirm the presence of additional subterranean structures.