Le temps dun remords : Lettre à M. (Ecritures) (French Edition)

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This letter will be delivered by Mr. Guillet, formerly a Secretaire Interprite to the Department of Foreign Affairs, a scientific gentleman who is going to visit the U. He has requested me to send to him at New York these introductory lines. I am pleased whenever learned and well meaning Europeans visit the U. Present my affectionate respects around you, to family and friends, namely to my old companions in arms Mr. Pickering, and believe me most cordially, yours, Lafayette.

Favored by Mr. Published by About this Item: , Ensemble 90 lettres manuscrites. Published by Amsterdam and Paris, Lacombe About this Item: Amsterdam and Paris, Lacombe, Very rare first quarto edition of parts one and two, also issued in 12mo. A further volume of two additional parts was published in Seller Inventory H The letter expressed the "sincere attachment of the whole Nation?

Madame Acarie, principale introductrice du Carmel en France

A grand reception for Lafayette was held at Portland, Maine, on June 24, , where he arrived to great fanfare. The Brunswick Light Infantry had marched the 26 miles to Portland in uniform to be one of three military escorts present. The crowd of 15, Mainers included Bowdoin Trustees, Overseers, and students, who heard former Congressman Stephen Longfellow, father of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, deliver greetings from the city. In presenting the honorary degree, Bowdoin President William Allen called the last surviving major general of the Revolutionary War "? Names he sought reference to were U.

Autograph letter signed, Paris, February 21, , to Longfellow, expressing his feeling that the U. Guillet formerly attached to the Department of Foreign Affairs, who is going on a scientific literary tour throughout the U. I give him the more willingly these lines as every inquiry into the state of society in the happy land of freedom cannot but produce admiration. May it also excite imitation. Your excellent son has informed you he found our family, on his arrival, under the long and grievous visitation which ended in the loss of one of my sons-in-law.

I have been since myself unwell for some time, but am now recovered.

taylor.evolt.org/duqar-les-corts.php Remember me to my friends, and believe me most truly, Yours, Lafayette. This is a fascinating letter which shows Lafayette's satisfying sense that the Revolution, and the freedoms it established, have resulted in a happy society, one worth emulating. Published by Paris De k'Imprimerie Royale Paris: De l Imprimerie Royale, First edition. Decorative woodcut head- and tail-pieces. Contemporary French mottled calf, spine decorated in gilt with five raised bands. Marbled endpapers, all edges red. First and last few pages browned at edges,.

Otherwise, very good and very scarce. The subject was one that departed from the natural sciences and mathematics but nevertheless showed the way toward a scientific comprehension of human phenomena, taking the empirical approach of natural science as its inspiration and employing mathematics as its tool. Condorcet called this new science social mathematics. It was apparently intended to comprise. The great work on the voting process, published in , is related to the latter.

Condorcet there sought to construct a scheme for an electoral body the purpose of which would be to determine the truth about a given subject by the process of voting and in which each elector would have the same chance of voicing the truth. No doubt the results obtained in the Essai d application de l analyse were modest ones. In almost all cases, Condorcet said, the results are in conformity with what simple reason would have dictated; but it is so easy to obscure reason by sophistry and vain subtleties that I should feel rewarded if I had only founded a single useful truth on a mathematical demonstration Essai, p.

One must nevertheless recognize, in this work. Brunet VI, col. HBS About this Item: Couverture rigide. Condition: Bon. In-8, VII, pp. Ex-dono de V. Distribution des prix. Paris, Jules Delalain, In-4, [2] pp, [2] pp et p. En reliure uniforme. Poggendorff I From: A.

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Diemen, Netherlands. Schneider, Titles to the Mirabeau printed in red and black, with attractive engraved vignettes. Three volumes bound in one. Contemporary marbled calf, spine gilt in compartments, label with gilt lettering, a bit worn, top of spine chipped, red edges. First editions in book form, exceptionally rare. L'Ami des Hommes , by which name the work is known today. The possibly pirated edition is known in two issues; the other is by Schneider in Amsterdam. Lausanne selon Dufour, which does not have this note. The unsolved bibliographical mystery is thus whether Mirabeau and Rousseau decided to have their works published together, or whether the double issue was merely commercial speculation on the side of the publishers.

Mirabeau and Rousseau did know each other, Rousseau briefly lived in a property of Mirabeau and there exists correspondence between the two man. Unlike vol.

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To our knowledge, there is no copy of the Mirabeau in North America. All the libraries also have Rousseau's Discours. Title label to spine reads "Oeuvres de Rousseau. Tom VI. Published by [No place: no printer,] From: Peter Harrington. London, United Kingdom. About this Item: [No place: no printer,] , Quarto x mm.

Contemporary sprinkled calf, spine ruled and decorated gilt in compartments, red morocco label, sprinkled edges. Spine ends and corners skilfully repaired. Occasional light foxing. A very good copy. Additional engraved frontispiece portrait of the author. The work highlights the problems and injustices of the French system of taxation, and added fuel to the fire of the coming revolution. The king disapproved of the work; Mirabeau was imprisoned on 16 December , but through the efforts of Madame de Pompadour and others, was released on Christmas Eve, under orders to leave Paris for his estate at Bignon.

Boris Vian- Le déserteur

The work proposes a reorganization of financial administrative machinery, the abolition of the "Fermes", a reduction in the taxation upon salt, with the object of increasing the total yield, and a special tax upon tobacco farms. The domaine, the post, and the mint were to be further sources of revenue. The author ranks as one of the earliest important writers on taxation.

Higgs notes that the book is "of real importance in the history of financial theory" The Physiocrats, p. Babson, Gray, Published by [Miguel Rodrigues], [Lisboa] About this Item: [Miguel Rodrigues], [Lisboa], Jesuits in Brazil and Paraguay. On pp. Francisco Xavier escreveo em 5 de Fevereiro de It was written by, or at the instance of the Portuguese Secretary for Foreign Affairs, the celebrated Marquis of Pombal. In addition to an account of the Republic, it includes the text of the following documents: copy of instructions which the Padres who governed the Indians gave them when they joined the army, written in the Guarani language and translated into Portuguese; copy of letter which the people of the village of San Francisco Xavier wrote on 5th Feb.

There have been various subsequent editions of this interesting little publication, the text of which has been translated into several languages. Borba II, p. Seller Inventory X88X From: Librairie de l'Amateur Strasbourg, France. About this Item: Paris, Chez Mr. Published by Boston: Isaac R.