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Their goals consisted of only the basic life values such as personal freedom through equal rights and opportunity that we today consider to not only be essential to life, but entitlements. Thanks to the millions of hard-working immigrants, and the hundreds of thousands of soldiers and protestors who have died in the name of democracy and the rights and freedoms that today allow us to live a better life: in pursuit of their own personal and familial goals, it was the first immigrants to America who also helped build and sustain what is today a global economic and military powerhouse and international authority - the United States of America.

Dreaming started from them, the main and most important dream of the history is the dream of a vital change; immigrants not only changed themselves in physical terms but also in a physiological way. In this work, what will be analyzed is the evolution over time of the famous phenomenon known as the American Dream. The next three chapters will mainly focus on whether or not the dream led more immigrants to success or failure, and also paying particular emphasis to how the dream was and is interpreted by most of the women living the American Dream.

This work is divided into three chapters, it is written in a way that enables the reader to understand the various aspects of the American Dream, starting from the discovery of the continent where the dream is best associated: the United States of America. Also in the second section attention will be paid to how the dream will be analyzed in a more current twentieth century context and understanding, nevertheless assessing the female dreamers through close analysis of a novel and a poem.

In the first chapter, the history of the American nation is taken into consideration. We will be able to acknowledge that dreaming was present since the very beginning. The building of the American continent started from the first settlers who came from Asia and were later known as the Native Americans.

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The discovery of the vast lands by Christopher Columbus in the s and by Amerigo Vespucci in the s will also be discussed and related to the development of the American Dream. Next, the first settlement in by the English colonial troops arriving from Europe will be taken into consideration; nevertheless it is thanks to these first voyages that the nation started to be known worldwide and attracted many immigrants from everywhere in the Western world. In the United States of America, people could have fulfilled their own dreams and striving for a better future.

We will be able to focus on the idea of a person gathering all of his or her personal belongings and start a voyage towards the American continent. Departing from his or her home country with nothing and facing the Atlantic Ocean with a constant hope and during this harsh journey the only thoughts of the immigrants were his or her ambitions, goals, hoping to find better living conditions, better future, an employment and reaching wealth into this continent.

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Lastly, with the utopian dream, this work will also analyze the American Dream through the perspective of the female dreamer, in a modern day context, particularly in the twentieth century. This approach will be focused through F. What both of two works have in common is the female perspective of the American Dream. They both analyze the American women dreamers in the American society.

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Through the first novel we will see how the American Dream is present in the two main female characters, by the use of their eccentric personality and their determination for success, luxury and fame. Secondly the presence of the American Dream in the poem, there will be a detailed description of two different women, who belong to two different societies: one from a lower class society and the other one from a higher class society. This work will show the powerful presence of the American Dream and its dreamers over the course of history and still today.

The American dream will be seen as a vehicle to drive to success. In order to understand the meaning and the development of the American Dream and also of the American society, it is essential that we should first focus on the history of the United States of America USA.

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