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On May 5, , after due trial, the court, Judge Francisco Arellano presiding, rendered a decision dismissing the complaint and ordering that the deposit of P In due time, plaintiffs took the case on appeal to the Court of Appeals, but no action thereon was taken until the records of the case were destroyed as a result of the battle for liberation. Plaintiffs, instead of reconstituting the records that were destroyed, filed on June 3, a new case before the same court covering the same subject matter as in the original case.

Defendant filed a motion to dismiss on the ground that the action was barred by a prior judgment, referring to the decision rendered by Judge Francisco Arellano.

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This motion was sustained by Judge Jose Teodoro, Sr. Plaintiffs appealed this order to the Supreme Court G.

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L , and on October 24, , the latter rendered decision reversing the order of Judge Teodoro, Sr. While the case was pending trial on the merits as ordered by the Supreme Court, it was discovered that the records of the original case which involved the same parties and subject matter were not destroyed and so, in line with the ruling of this Court in the case of Nacua v. Alo, 93 Phil.

This was done and so the original case then pending appeal in the Court of Appeals was deemed duly reconstituted and submitted for decision with the only hitch that, upon examination of the records as reconstituted, it was found that while the stenographic notes taken during the trial were intact, they have not however been transcribed. And on May 23, , considering that the only issue involved in the appeal is one of law, the Court of Appeals certified the case to us for adjudication under the Judiciary Act of , as amended.

Appellants contend that the trial court erred in not entertaining their claim that they had offered to repurchase the land from appellee sometime in March, or before the expiration of the year period of redemption which the latter unreasonably refused to accept for which reason they deposited the sum of P The trial court, after analyzing the evidence submitted by both parties, made on this point the following findings: jgc:chanrobles.

Y si a este se anade que no hizo consignacio de pago, cuando, como pretende, le fue rechazada la oferta en o en , cosa que lo hizo en con extra-ordinaria prontitud, estando como estaba el Juzgado funcionando normalmente en Marzo y Abril hasta el 20 de Mayo de y en todo el ano , el Juzgado llega a la conclusion de que los demandantes no hicieron tal oferta de recompra en , y al no hacerlo, la venta a retro a favor de la demandada queda convertida despues del 25 de Abril de , en una venta absoluta y definitiva.

La conducta de Juan Claridad durante su testimonio ha sido altamente suspechoso para el Juzgado; sus contestaciones no eran espontaneas tenian la apariencia de una atestacion estudiada y forzada. Por el contrario, la conducta de la demandada en el banquillo testifical esa natural, y sus declaraciones son, en opinion del Juzgado, espontaneas y sinceras y llevan el sello de la verdad. Habiendo llegado el Juzgado a esta conclusion, la consignacion Exh. And in support of this contention, they advance the following arguments: 1 inadequacy of price, that is, the price of the sale is P This is an advertisement for an asbestos-coated laundry iron from Although the novel promptly achieved cult status, it generated a lot of controversy throughout the second half of the 20 th century.

Bradbury in December Entire chapters were removed from the novel for being overly disturbing, and new passages of milder content were added. Basically, the novel was subjected to the same censorship which it criticized. This infuriated Bradbury; he stated that he would not tolerate the practice of manuscript mutilation. Supported by many of his readers and members of the international academic community, he forced Ballantine Books to stop printing the purged version of the novel in Clarke, Arthur C.

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