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Pluralism in Jewish Education. Visions in Jewish Education. Bible: Teaching the Bible in Our Times. Environment: Jewish Education as if the Planet Mattered. Hebrew Language in Israel and the Diaspora.

Yemen's dwindling Jews

Holocaust Education. Israel Education: Purposes and Practices. Israel Travel Education. Jewish Peoplehood Education. Other Religions in Jewish Education. Travel as a Jewish Educational Tool. From its inception the congregation followed English Jewish traditions, and it originally looked to the Chief Rabbi in London for advice and assistance. The largest synagogue in Sydney is the Central Synagogue in Bondi Junction, which is more European in its form of service.

Some Orthodox synagogues serve particular suburban areas; others reflect the traditions of the places of origin of their congregants. Some are connected with the religious Zionist movement and a number are simply gatherings of like-minded people for prayer in houses or rooms. The long black coats, flowing beards and picturesque hats seen in news films of Jerusalem and in some streets of Sydney represent various minority groups within Orthodox Judaism. Many of the costumes are the uniforms of particular religious movements, and some originate in eighteenth century Eastern Europe.

Some, but not all, of these movements are Chassidic. Chassidism is characterised by a search for ecstasy in prayer, an interest in medieval mysticism and an emphasis on the possible imminence of a Messianic era. The Chassidim represent a very small but very active minority within Orthodox Judaism.


Since the second World War the Chassidim — adherents of what has been called the greatest revivalist movement in Jewish history — have become a visible part of the Jewish scene in Australia. The actual numbers of Chassidim are small. Even among strictly Orthodox Jewish groups in Australia, the Chassidim are in a minority.

But they are probably the most colourful and distinctive of Australian Jews, and their influence has greatly strengthened Jewish learning and observance in this country since WWII. Their movement goes back to Eastern Europe in the middle of the eighteenth century, when Jews were living in conditions of difficulty and despair.

Trauma and Recovery: Abraham’s journey to the Akedah

Among them arose a man called the Baal Shem Tov, born in , whose stories and sayings, cherished by his followers, emphasised joy in life, love of fellow-man, sincerity in word and deed and ecstasy at being in the presence of God. Chassidism was a way of infusing joy and hope into life, and became popular among the Jewish masses in Eastern Europe, though it aroused opposition amongst other groups who felt it stressed the heart at the expense of the mind. Gradually the two points of view became more or less reconciled, the Chassidim increasingly turned to study, and today piety and learning go together in the movement.

In the Nazi Holocaust, the Chassidic centres of Eastern Europe were destroyed, but some of the Rebbes Chassidic leaders and their followers survived and re-established their tradition in new lands. However, in , an organised Chassidic group settled in Shepparton, Victoria, and about eight Russian families who were followers of the Chassidic Chabad movement engaged in agricultural work and started a yeshiva religious school to teach their children Talmud.

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This group later expanded and today Chabad maintains a network of religious and educational institutions which cater for several thousand people. Not all supporters of this movement are Chassidic or even from religiously observant homes, but many people are attracted to the human warmth, religious outreach, enthusiasm in worship and charismatic leadership of Chabad, previously led from New York by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Conservative Judaism fosters the practice of traditional Judaism while embracing modernity. Developed during the twentieth century in the United States, it comes midway between Orthodoxy and Reform, intellectually liberal in matters of belief, but conservative in matters of religious practice. By Leah Perl Shollar. A Ticket To Israel. A Treasury of Chassidic Tales. A Treasury of Jewish Bedtime Stories.

A Treasury of Sephardic Bedtime Stories. Rouss, Shannan Rouss Hardcover or Paperback. Aba Oseh Bushot. Aba Shel Tamar Gesher L'yeladim.

Cheezok Emunah- What about the Shma? : Can a Jew believe in Yeshua and follow authentic Judaism?

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Aggadot Yerushalaim gesher Kal. Aharon V'haiparon Ha'Sagol. Ahava Al Galgalim - Love on Wheels. By Nurit Peleg. By Chofetz Chaim - Russian Edition.

The Head Movements of Shema’

Aich Halachti L'Ibud. By Mirik Snir. Al Devarim She'Balev. Al Hachalomot gesher By David Shahar. Al Sefer Shmuel. By David Grossman.