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Meyer, F. Very nice! D'Aubigne, Merle J. Luther, Martin - 95 Theses. About The e-Sword EditionDr. Dave www. Hebraic Roots Bible with Notes. Joseph S. Exell edited and compiled the 56 volume Biblical Illustrator commentary. You will recognize him as the co-editor of the famous Pulpit Commentary this co Too many to list individuallyThe most common issue was blank passages no commentary and misplaced passages commentary appearing in the wrong verse.

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Overlapping comments were also creating pro It's certainly the largest e-Sword dictionary ever produced wi Pulpit Commentary all 66 books for e-Sword Jun 10 AM This commentary has been replaced with a better formatted version for e-Sword! Click here for the new version. The Pulpit Commentary, - by Joseph S. One of the largest and best-selling homiletical co Minor errors were corrected in the New Testament.

The same as Isaiah saw, chap. John saw. Revelation The whirlwind out of the north may import the Babylonian army in its approach to Judea, for they made a circuitous route along the Euphrates to avoid the deserts, fit only to be traversed by the Arabs. The cloud and the fire mark the vehicles which God employs, when he is pleased to converse with man. The colour of amber. The Hebrew word chasmal may be understood of a vivid colour, as the centre of the fire. But as amber retains its colour, and is more fragrant in a state of friction, it may denote the divine excellence which subsisted in many of the captive Jews.

In Ezekiel , the animals are called cherubim; and it is plain that their bodies resembled those of men, and were erect. The man may denote their wisdom and purity, the eagle their piercing sight, the ox their strength, and the lion unconquerable courage. Revelation 4. The whole vision therefore exhibits Christ reigning over angels and saints in his kingdom, and glorious in the midst of his church. Such likewise are the visions in Revelation 5, 8, 9.

Their feet were straight feet. The feet of a bull, seen in the vision, are firm and strong, and may therefore denote the stability of the love, the covenant, and righteousness of Him who is the rock and strength of our salvation. Their feet sparkled with corruscations, like pots of brass when by an intense heat they boil in the furnace.

Metals in a state of fusion, as in the blast furnaces of iron, are too vivid for the eye to contemplate without injury to the sight, as when we look intensely at the sun. This fire designates the presence of the seraphim, a name equivalent to burning ones. They had the hands of a man under their wings. Likewise, as in Ezekiel , the figure of a man was above the chariot of glory.

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This is the continuous designation of the incarnate glory of Christ, the glory as of the only-begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. He rides above the chariot, which moves at his command; he extends his arm of power under every wing, for Christ is all and in all, everliving and glorious in his sanctuary.

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In him the church rides triumphantly over all her foes; she mounts up with wings as eagles, and leaves the world and sin behind. They four had the face of a man; for man, in regard of his spirit, is allied to angels. Poole, in a table on this verse, places the man to the south, the ox to the east, the eagle to the north, and the lion to the west. Their appearance was like burning coals of fire.

The Deity veiled himself in a sheet of devouring fire on Sinai. Elisha saw the mountains of Samaria full of horses of fire, and chariots of fire. In a similar manner were the heads of the holy apostles crowned with the spires of a celestial flame. Acts What then has the church to fear? The God of our salvation is a consuming fire.

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The living creatures ran and returned, with a velocity like the electric fluid: ever living, ever active, ever watchful, ever devout. They sit not as statues, like the wooden protectors of cities and temples. They have no fixed abode, but where their aid is most wanted, thither they fly; and while the church dwells in tents, the seraphim surround the camp. Psalms One wheel upon the earth.

There were four wheels, yet only one touched the earth. Hence, we may gather, that angels are concerned in the humblest affairs of human life, where all things revolve in changes from adversity to prosperity, and from prosperity to adversity. Their rings—were dreadful. A body so full of eyes, says Dr.

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  • Wall, seems to denote the society of angels and men. The eyes denote, no doubt, the divine omniscience. The likeness of the firmament upon the heads—was as the colour of the terrible crystal. Jerome reads, crystalli horribilis; natural enough for a man of Milan, who had seen the glaciers of mount Blanc, and the constant rainbows which appear on the sunny side in the droppings of the melted ice; a sublime sight to the traveller. The Chaldaic reads, the strong or the very luminous crystal.

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