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And I loved the side characters that were introduced. Mobile Navigation Close. My Story. Free Prequel. Privacy Policy. Blog Page Container. Book Reviews. Blurb and cover taken from Goodreads Official blurb: Alexis and Molly return to the Faery Realm, this time to confront monsters. And Keir is still my book boyfriend. He made me chuckle so many times while reading this book.

I have been exposed to a variety of spiritual beliefs and practices throughout my life and am able to view them all with an open mind. But none of them have ever felt right for me.

Faery Magic

I have felt the presence of something beyond the mundane but most definitely not within the confines of organized religion. For several years I have been aware that spirituality has been a very neglected part of my life and I have been putting more thought into how to improve that. This book did a great job of helping me to solidify half-formed thoughts into instinctive, heart-felt beliefs.

I appreciated the acknowledgement of the difficulty of accepting the presence of magick in our modern culture where we are overly grounded with science, technology and information. For me, this book did a fantastic job of guiding me to embrace the magick around us in a way that is congruent with my knowledge and my ethics. I still love you for reading anyway!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Click to visit the official page and buy! Reviews: There are some who say that the realms of Faery lie just beneath our own; they are the realms of ever-becoming, as the forces of nature that govern the green and growing world. Sigh, this story was so romantic that it was worth the cost of the entire book.

This is a story that could've benefited from or so more pages to flesh out his actions and make the romance more believable. Still, this was a fitting addition to the collection and is nowhere near what I'd consider a clunker. If you enjoy romance and hold a soft-spot in your heart for faeries this is a not-to-be-missed book.

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View 2 comments. Sep 26, Linda C rated it really liked it Shelves: european , fantasy , paranormal , romance-historical , anthologies. The four stories in this anthology revolve around interactions between faery and human worlds in the heart of England. The Lord of Elphindale was my least favorite.

Allison Rose, Author

A half-faery Lady is told by her faery lord father that she must get the current Lord Elphindale to marry her and live in the valley to save the Faery Folk. The hero was my least favorite in the book. Faery Braid is a retelling of the Rapunzel faery tale and very well done. The Love Walker is about a cursed faery who must live in bet The four stories in this anthology revolve around interactions between faery and human worlds in the heart of England. The Love Walker is about a cursed faery who must live in between faery and human worlds until he repents and discovers true love.

A tortured hero meets a good woman story. The last story, Dangerous Gifts, was my favorite.

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A plain girl is offered beauty and love by a faery who wishes to entrap her when he comes asking his payment for granting her wishes. Both hero and heroine are damaged with pure hearts. A feel good story. Jun 25, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: anthology , fairies , fantasy , georgian , regency , romance , retelling. I really loved this anthology. In most anthologies, the level of quality is uneven at best, but all four of these stories were enjoyable. These all took place within the same universe: a version Georgian and Regency England where magic is real and fairies exist in a hidden and forgotten works parallel to our own.

Both Andrew and Gwen are part fairy. Andrew's family has a connection to their land, an I really loved this anthology. Andrew's family has a connection to their land, and an ancient agreement with the fairies regarding their fates. However, in recent generations, they've forgotten their connection with the fairies, which had infuriated them.

To remedy this, Gwen is born from a union between a fairy and a human and destined to marry Andrew to bring him back into the fairies' fold. Andrew is bound and determined to marry a different, human woman however, and not his beautiful childhood friend. There was a lot of stuff I liked about this story. The friends to lovers plot, the fates to marry trope both appealed to me. However, it suffered from the novella format.

5 SIGNS You Are A Magick Blood - Faery Folklore

From the author's note, it sounds like this was originally supposed to be a full length novel, but due to behind the scenes issues, it eventually became a novella, and it shows. There's a bit too much going on in the amount of pages. I think if the prologue part had been shorter, and maybe if Andrew had had his point of view shown, it would have worked better. I liked the concept just not the execution.

The number of fairies being born is down, so Aldara decides to acquire a human child and transform her into a fairy for breeding purposes.

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  • She finds a human family deeply in debt, ingratiated herself with them, and then at their lowest point, presents them with a deal to buy their child. They agree. Twenty years later and the child is now almost entirely fairy, but not sure if the life set out for her is the one she wants. One day, Rowan, or Rachel, is singing a song of true love, and Jonathan stumbles upon her cottage.

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    He had recently been in an accident and is scarred and suffers from debilitating acts that leave him blind. Intrigued by this human man, Rowan offers to heal him, and over the months, they are drawn together. This is a pretty straightforward Rapunzel retelling. There's enough differences to make it interesting, but it still follows the beats of the original fairy tale.

    I liked both of the leads and thought this was a sweet, fun story. After he sleeps with them, they waste away because they are so obsessed with him. After killing one too many girls, he is cursed by the fairy queen to exist only between worlds, only seen by animals, unable to touch anything, but people still able to hear him. The only way to break the curse is through true love. For the next couple of centuries, he wanders the earth playing his pipe and growing increasingly lonely. Moira's cousin, Blanche, heard him playing one night and since has started wasting away.