The Gift of Surrender

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We need to be aware that we have more control over our lives than we think we do. The power to choose is something we all possess, and the only limitations we face are those we put on ourselves! This month we all need to make the effort of reaching outside of ourselves. Remember, the more we share, the more energy we reveal and that is when we will feel accomplishment.

The Gift of Surrender

We need to focus our attention not on the physical and material possessions in our lives, but rather become more aware of our capacity to be sensitive, caring, generous and humane. When we free ourselves from evaluating success by means of what we own, we are able to see the blessings in all things in life. This month, be extra conscious that you do not act alone, remember you are a part of a master plan that includes the rest of the people in this universe.

We are all connected and prove very powerful when we are united.

When you have done all that you possibly can, surrender and trust in the power of the Creator. You are never alone.

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Enter your first name and email address to sign up. How do we stand in a place where we would rather not and expand in ways we never knew we could? So often it takes standing still or moving through versus escaping the uncomfortable places to learn and experience what we need to move forward. In my experience, what happens here is the development of deeper trust.

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Lewis refers to it as surrender. We come to our own edge, the precipice where we threaten to fall into what feels like an abyss.

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Yet, we often find a way to trust the wind. We know its efficacy when we see it. After the deep pain of coming close, of failures of all kinds, we break open enough to contain, invite and triumph over more.

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In these places a kind, non-judgemental and playful spirit towards oneself and others becomes quite useful. Another arena where playfulness and curiosity the opposite of judgement are quite useful and necessary are in the realms of creative process and scientific discovery.