The Incredible Human Potential: The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the awesome purpose of man

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He is determined to fight it with everything he has! The same is true of so many people today—including religious people. Satan has deceived the whole world Revelation He wants to blot out the Father and destroy the Family of God. Most people fail utterly to understand family. Did you know that family is at the heart of the gospel that Jesus Christ preached?

How many religious people understand that? Request a free copy of The Incredible Human Potential to understand this truth. Satan is the god of this world 2 Corinthians These attacks are succeeding in some frightening ways. The institution of the family is suffering the death of a thousand wounds. We see many politicians, celebrities and sports figures—who receive so much adulation and attention—with wretched family problems. Loose living, adultery, drug addiction, sexual deviancy—everything you can imagine.

That is inspiring! Forty years ago, Time magazine warned that the crisis in the family has implications that extend far beyond the walls of the home. In a Dec. Look around today! Family breakdown is having disastrous effects—and they are going to get far worse. Remember what Mr. The fact that the physical family is an exact type of the God Family should inspire us all to forsake the filth of this world and strengthen our families!

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Every father should study the example of God the Father to see how to lead his family. When He begets a child, He commits Himself to fulfilling His responsibility toward that child! If you study this scripture in the original Greek language, you will see it is written for maximum emphasis. There are five negatives. God honors His children.

The History of "Human Potential" in God's Church

Think about when a physical father is watching his young child learn to walk. The baby is bound to stumble and fall. He looks at when the child takes a step! As soon as the child steps, that really excites him! The same is true of God the Father. He is moved and stirred when He sees His children take spiritual steps, and begin to walk and live and act like Him!

That kindles within Him strong feelings of love. In 1 Corinthians , He tells His people that He will never allow them to suffer a trial greater than they can bear. Yes, He does allow trials at times.

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He does chasten and correct His children e. Deuteronomy ; Hebrews But He knows His children so intimately that He knows exactly where to draw the line in a trial that will develop their character! That is a promise that reveals His great depth of understanding about you and love for all His children. The parable of the prodigal son, recorded in Luke 15, also shows that love.

The Incredible Human Potential: The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Awesome Purpose of Man

The son rebelled against his father and fled to the world. He soon realized that his life had become a wreck. Read the whole thing! You may not look at Christmas trees quite the same way again. Well, thank God for Roderick C. Go figure!

Man Has Rejected This Knowledge

More importantly, as someone who spent so much of his life working with Mr. Even secular resources recognize the vital and central position that the Kingdom of God had in the message of Jesus Christ and the apostles. For anyone actually reading the Bible, the Kingdom of God cannot be escaped in the teachings of Jesus, and it is a scandal that mainstream Christianity neglects it so. It is also a lie to say that salvation through Jesus Christ is not a part of that gospel of the Kingdom of God and is not to be preached to the nations. It is.

Stephen Nichols: Why the God-Man: The Mystery of the Incarnation

And it is also a great lie to say that Jesus taught nothing about Himself in the message He brought from God. He did. Again, just read your Bible. Really, try to read the book of John while skipping over all of the teaching Christ gave about who He was to the masses. He truly was going to be the King of that coming Kingdom.

When one reads the Bible—actually paying attention to it the way Mr. Armstrong taught us to do instead of simply trying to grab from it what they already agree with and ignoring the rest—the gospel brought by Jesus Christ and taught by His disciples, and by His Church today, is one of the greatest subjects ever discussed, truly vast in its scope, implications, and power. Really, the Bible is clear, and that should be enough for us. But there are those who are so enamored by their own version of Mr. Armstrong and how their version of him emboldens them in their own stances and pursuits that they fail to see the truth of the Bible that Mr.

Armstrong taught us so much about.

But Mr. Armstrong was clear, too. He preached the whole gospel. Herbert W Armstrong.

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Did Mr. Armstrong recognize that the gospel taught by mainstream Christianity was disastrously off?

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Herbert W. Armstrong and the “Whole, Pure Gospel”

Of course! If anyone reads anything Mr. Most cut the very heart of the gospel right out: the coming Kingdom of God! Plenty of quotes could be provided from Mr. Armstrong demonstrating that he understood this—and many provide such quotes. That Mr. No one I know in the Church does. What about the quotes that illustrate Mr.