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Display 21 - 40 from results. The Brown Fairy Book. Classic collection of 32 less familiar folk tales narrated in clear, lively prose. Different enough to capture all imaginations, the tales are drawn from many different cultures: the American Indians, Australian Bushmen, African Kaffirs, and from Persia, Lapland, Brazil, and India. Includes all of the original 50 illustrations.

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Add to My List. Added to Cart. Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm. The Crimson Fairy Book. It is almost impossible to envision what childhood would be like without the enchanting world of fairyland. Princes and princesses, kings and queens, giants and dwarfs, monsters and magicians, fairies and ogres -- these are the companions who thrill young boys and girls of all lands and all times, as Andrew Lang's phenomenally successful collections of stories have proved.

From the day that they were first printed, the Lang fairy books of many colors have entertained thousands of boys and girls, as they have also brought pleasure to the many parents who have read these unforgettable classics to their children. The Welsh Fairy Book. As a schoolmaster in South Wales, folklorist W. Jenkyn Thomas was dismayed to find that his students -- who took such delight in the fairy stories of other nations -- knew nothing at all of their own country's rich heritage of fairy tales.

To fill the need for a collection of Welsh fairy tales for young readers, he compiled this definitive treasury. Restocking items are usually fulfilled in weeks. Cannot combine other item s in one order. The Grey Fairy Book. The goat-faced girl, Prunella, the three sons of Hali, giants and dwarfs, monsters and magicians, fairies and ogres--these are the companions who thrill boys and girls of all lands and all times, as Andrew Lang's phenomenally successful collections of stories have proved.

From the day that they were first printed, Lang's fairy tale books of many colors have entertained thousands of youngsters, as they have also brought pleasure to the parents who have read these classics to their children. Ozma of Oz. A raging sea storm carries Dorothy Gale charming heroine of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to the fairy land of Ev, where an exciting new adventure awaits her and all young readers who venture into this enchanting realm of fantasy. Naughty children were never funnier than the young rowdies of these Cautionary Tales.

In rhyming couplets, accompanied by hilarious drawings, a celebrated wit recounts the perilous consequences of telling lies, slamming doors, and playing with guns. Bad Child's Book of Beasts, an illustrated A-to-Z bestiary with droll observations on wildlife, features a series of droll observations on wildlife. He has a coat of hair.

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The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in -- the first woman to be so honored -- Swedish novelist Selma Lagerl f was a gifted storyteller whose writings were often tinged with the supernatural and rooted in the sagas and legends of her homeland. Written at the request of Swedish school authorities and first published in , it is the enchanting and remarkably original tale of Nils Holgersson, a mischievous boy of 14 who is changed by an elf into a tiny being able to understand the speech of..

Dramatic, revealing entries -- including Columbus' own words -- document epochal voyage, heavy seas, discouraged crew, first sighting of land, appearance of island natives, more. Translated into English, reset in large type. Fascinating historical document. Publisher's note. Andrew Lang — was a Scots poet , novelist , and literary critic. He initially edited the series and wrote prefaces for its entire run, while his wife, the translator and author Leonora Blanche Alleyne — 10 July , known to friends and family as Nora, assumed editorial control of the series in the s.

Four of the volumes from to were published by "Mrs. According to Anita Silvey , "The irony of Lang's life and work is that although he wrote for a profession—literary criticism; fiction; poems; books and articles on anthropology , mythology , history, and travel Jacomb-Hood and Lancelot Speed respectively, and the sequels alone.

Wallis Mills also contributed some illustrations. The best-known volumes of the series are the 12 Fairy Books , each of which is distinguished by its own color. The Langs did not collect any fairy tales from oral primary sources , yet only they and Madame d'Aulnoy — have collected tales from such a large variety of sources. These collections have been immensely influential; the Langs gave many of the tales their first appearance in English.

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Andrew selected the tales for the first four books, while Nora took over the series thereafter. Lang's urge to gather and publish fairy tales was rooted in his own experience with the folk and fairy tales of his home territory along the Anglo-Scottish border.

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British fairy tale collections were rare at the time; Dinah Craik 's The Fairy Book was a lonely precedent. According to Roger Lancelyn Green, Lang "was fighting against the critics and educationists of the day" who judged the traditional tales' "unreality, brutality, and escapism to be harmful for young readers, while holding that such stories were beneath the serious consideration of those of mature age".

The series was immensely popular, helped by Lang's reputation as a folklorist and by the packaging device of the uniform books. The series proved of great influence in children's literature, increasing the popularity of fairy tales over tales of real life. Some of Lang's collected stories were included without any attribution at all e.

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The sources can be tracked down when given as " Grimm " or " Madame d'Aulnoy " or attributed to a specific collection, but other notes are less helpful. Lang repeatedly explained in the prefaces that the tales which he told were all old and not his, and that he found new fairy tales no match for them:. But the three hundred and sixty-five authors who try to write new fairy tales are very tiresome. They always begin with a little boy or girl who goes out and meets the fairies of polyanthuses and gardenias and apple blossoms: "Flowers and fruits, and other winged things".

These fairies try to be funny, and fail; or they try to preach, and succeed. Real fairies never preach or talk slang. At the end, the little boy or girl wakes up and finds that he has been dreaming. Such are the new fairy stories. May we be preserved from all the sort of them! The collections were specifically intended for children and were bowdlerised , as Lang explained in his prefaces. Tolkien stated in his essay " On Fairy-Stories " that he appreciated the collections but objected to his editing the stories for children. He also criticized Lang for including stories without magical elements in them, with " The Heart of a Monkey " given as an example, where the monkey claims that his heart is outside his body, unlike " The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body " or other similar stories.