The Prisoner of Zhamanak

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Soft cover. Binding slightly cocked.


Very little creasing on spine. Covers show a little wear. See photos. Book condition: gebraucht, gut Gebrauchsspuren sind vorhanden.

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Ace, The Prisoner of Zhamanak L. Sprague De Camp. New York: Ace Books, Used - Good. Used - Very Good. Light to moderate shelf wear. Clean pages. New York, NY, U. First Paperback Printing. Mass Market Paperback. Brief summary of content available upon request by e-mail. Ace Books, March Paper Back. The Prisoner of Zhamanak Decamp, L. Allowed to proceed, the pair continues on to Kalwm.

The Prisoner of Zhamanak: Krishna, Book 4 (Unabridged)

While awaiting a ship to take them to safety, Mjipa and Alicia take in the sights of Kalwm, try to avoid the assassins dispatched on their trail by the vengeful Khorosh, and plot to free the doomed Doctor Isayin, as Mjipa is conscience-stricken by his role in the doctor's condemnation. They succeed in spiriting Isayin out of jail, concealing him in Vuzhov's fabulous tower, but are overtaken by the assassins.

Forced to fight their way free of the tower, they flee to their ship, the Tarvazid, and make sail; the assassins pursue in another ship, but are defeated. Mjipa maroons the remaining assassins on the island of Fossanderan, where the Tarvazid has put in for repairs. Undeterred, the assassins await their chance and ambush the Terrans, only to be taken in turn by the tailed natives of Fossanderan, who assume them to be slavers.

Recognizing Mjipa from a previous diplomatic mission, the natives free the Terrans. Continuing on their way, the two finally return to Novorecife, dropping off Isayin on the way in the free city of Majbur.

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Back in the Terran enclave the travelers are enthusiastically welcomed. During the ensuing festivities, Alicia encounters tour guide Fergus Reith protagonist of the earlier novel The Hostage of Zir and he and she fall head-over-heels in love with each other. Mjipa and his wife, happy to be reunited, look on and foresee trouble ahead. Setting[edit] The planet Krishna is de Camp's premier creation in the Sword and Planet genre, representing both a tribute to the Barsoom Barsoom novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs Edgar Rice Burroughs and an attempt to "get it right", reconstructing the concept logically, without what he regarded as Burroughs' biological and technological absurdities.

De Camp intended the stories as "pure entertainment in the form of light, humorous, swashbuckling, interplanetary adventure-romances - a sort of sophisticated Burroughs-type story, more carefully thought out than their prototypes.

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Reception[edit] Publishers Weekly Publishers Weekly calls the book a "light adventure of rescue and escape Nickerson, writing for Library Journal Library Journal demurs, stating that while "Percy's halting progress across three primitive kingdoms is mildly amusing, Not one of de Camp's best efforts, Prisoner verges on the tedious.

Levack De Camp: An L. Sprague de Camp Bibliography. Sprague de Camp L. Steve Jackson Games. The Prisoner of Zhamanak" review. In Publishers Weekly, v. In Library Journal, May 15, , pp.

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James Press, c, p. The Reluctant King Conan series with Robert E. Howard Robert E.