Words Unspoken: A Hearts Journey

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This book is empowering , inspirational , and a must read. She brings all those emotions that simmer right beneath the surface, and she makes you acknowledge them.

In Words Unspoken, she captures the essence of humanity - the turmoil, the loss, the love. She weaves thoughts into poetry that stir the soul. I must give praise for her ability to capture her audience from the beginning.

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On page 8, she reaches out and grabs us, admonishing us for staying silent when our hearts demand release. The rest of the book is divided into 4 sections. In The Love, Page 56 captivated me with beautiful details. In The Hurt, Page 69 ripped its way straight to my core. In The Healing, she nurtures the soul. In The Lessons, especially Page , she had be nodding along, because I had to learn those lessons too. This book packs a punch, both with its powerful words and the gorgeous artwork included. Madalina speaks with both emotion and authority, inviting the reader to look deep within themselves while also showing the aches she has dealt with personally.

And, she does it both articulately and beautifully. I look forward to reading more by her. I had finally ordered it after much time stalking it on social media. And to my surprise it was larger than expected. For a poetry fanatic, this is a big deal. From start to finish, I fell in love with all that was in between. I thoroughly enjoyed the beginnings of every section where she conveyed her wisdom on topics of love, pain and healing. I see myself going back to them often.

And I always find it memorizing when authors are able to captivate their readers with poems that are only a few lines longs. Within the smaller poems, I found lessons and each one was a true gift. She takes you through multiple emotions and you feel every wave so immensely. I am grateful for this creation as it will now be my go to poetry book in my personal library. The gorgeous cover is a good enough reason to purchase!

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  4. Unspoken Words is a collection of poetry where the poet has portrayed every group, every Unspoken Words is a collection of poetry where the poet has portrayed every group, every circumstance, part of life. The search for meaning in life often makes one think that the tiny little things are inconsequential but, yet they often View Product. The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection.

    Words Unspoken: The Story of Life

    I'm the girl they want… But never want to keepFrom poet Ella Rye comes a I'm the girl they want… But never want to keepFrom poet Ella Rye comes a collection full of raw vulnerability. Taking you on a journey through her life, trying to figure what it all means after heartbreak. Learning to move The Unspoken Word. The Unspoken Word is epic poetry depicting difficult to discuss realities that mainstream society shuns. The accomplished and clever author, an experienced print and photojournalist, uses the traditional writing style of epic poetry to portray non-traditional pandemics.

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    Thigpen's spoken word We all have memories that are sacred to us, that we have kept for ourselves. They bridge our pasts and our present. Some of these are sources of great beauty and we hold them dear. Others bring pain and heartache, Martine Ashley.

    Raymond Carver. Francesco Marciuliano. Madisen Kuhn. Kathleen Watkins. Charles Bukowski. Kenneth Goldsmith. Florence Welch. Richard Siken. Amanda Lovelace. William Butler Yeats. Clement Moore. Nikita Gill. Bestselling Series.


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    Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description Words Unspoken is a story of love, heartbreak, loss, healing and becoming, carefully curated in the form of free-verse poems, quotes and short-prose; it was written to speak to our hearts, our minds and our souls about the immense capacity humans have for resilience and survival, for becoming and flourishing after having been broken to pieces.

    Words Unspoken Expressed Overtime – Poetry, Unspoken spoken word

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